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V.35 InterfaceReference

V.35 Interface Reference

Pin #     Source    Description              Useage Notes                          
A         Common    Chassis Ground                                                 
B         Common    Signal Ground                                                  
C         DTE       Request to Send          Unbalanced, RS-232 voltage levels     
D         DCE       Clear to Send            Unbalanced RS-232 voltage levels      
E         DCE       Data Set Ready           Unbalanced RS-232 voltage levels      
F         DCE       Data Carrier Detect      Unbalanced, RS-232 voltage levels     
H         DTE       Data Terminal Ready      Unbalanced, RS-232 voltage levels      
J         DCE       Ring Indicator           Unbalanced                            
K         -         Local Test                                                     
L         -         Unassigned                                                     
M         -         Unassigned                                                     
N         -         Unassigned                                                     
P         DTE       Send Data A              Balanced                              
R         DCE       Receive Data A           Balanced                              
S         DTE       Send Data B              Balanced                              
T         DCE       Receive Data B           Balanced                              
U         DTE       Terminal Timing A        Balanced                              
V         DCE       Receive Timing A         Balanced                              
W         DTE       Terminal Timing B        Balanced                              
X         DCE       Receive Timing B         Balanced                              
Y         DCE       Send Timing A            Balanced                              
Z         -         Unassigned                                                     
AA        DCE       Send Timing B            Balanced                              
BB        -         Unassigned                                                     
CC        -         Unassigned                                                     
DD        -         Unassigned                                                     
EE        -         Unassigned                                                     
FF        -         Unassigned                                                     
HH        -         Unassigned                                                     
JJ        -         Unassigned                                                     
KK        -         Unassigned                                                     
LL        -         Unassigned                                                     
MM        -         Unassigned                                                     
NN        -         Unassigned                                                     

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