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Fractional T1 Services Interface
Supplied DB25Female DCE Pinouts
Name V.35 Name Pin Direction
TDa Transmit Data (a) P 2
TDb Transmit Data (b) S 14
RDa Receive Data (a) R 3
RDb Receive Data (b) T 16
TCa Transmit Clock (a) Y 15
TCb Transmit Clock (b) AA 12
RCa Receive Clock (a) V 17
RCb Receive Clock (b) X 9
ECa External Clock (a) U 24
ECb External Clock (b) W 11
FG Frame Ground A 1 Common
SG Signal Ground B 7 Common
[Optional] Unbalanced Control Pin Assignments
DCD Data Carrier Detect F 10
CTS Clear To Send D 13
DSR Data Set Ready E 22
RTS Request To Send C 4