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Data Network Platform, Technical Requirements for Service Planning.

The Network Platform needs to be Capable of delivering a wide range of Customizable Transport Services:-
from simple Point-to-Point Bandwidth Services, to No-Guarantee Micro-messenging;
from Delay Sensitive Applications, to Delay Insensitive Applications;
from Basic Public Access Services, to Corporate Customer Customizability.

The Flexibility of the Network Platform to deliver a wide variety of Service Types and Service Levels will allow for Evolving Services, Service Development, Strategic Planning and Development of New Services based on usage statistics measurements.

Examples of End Services:

1. Point to Point Leased bits per second:

("Leased Bandwidth" "Leased Circuit" "DDS" "Digital Leases")
The Customer is can rent Two access ports at two physically distant points on the network and is guaranteed an end-to-end Transport Speed at any time required, regardless of how busy the Network is. The Customer gets a guaranteed level of connectivity, and the Network might be able to optimize resources according to actual Traffic demands.
In addition, the Service is easily upgraded or changed by reconfiguration of the access ports.

2. Tolled Bandwidth:

("ISDN B-Channel" "Bandwidth on Demand")
As compared to making a temporary voice quality communication link over the network by having the network allocate a dedicated bandwidth facility end-to-end to the Subscriber for the time-duration of the link, and for which the Subscriber pays; the Customer now has Direct Access to the Digital Bandwidth, at the customer's end of the link.

3. No-Guarantee Micro-messenging:

The Customer connected to the Network, can communicate delay-insensitive information with multiple physical locations simultaneously, over a shared network which guarantees no particular Service Level between end points.