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Overview of Frame Relay and Asynchronous Transfer Mode.

990423 One Day.
Edward Lewis
Engineer 3 TSTT,
BScH.SSp Physics Queen'sU Ont Can 1987.


Frame Relay

  1. Historical Perspective - Telephony and Data Communications.
  2. Protocols : FR, ATM, X.25, IP.
  3. Packet Switching.
  4. Packet Routing.
  5. Connection Oriented (session oriented) data communications.
  6. Connectionless Oriented data communications.
  7. Internet and IP.
  8. DCCs (DACS, Digital Cross Connect System) and TDM muxes.
  9. Leased circuits.
  10. Frame Relay Access Links and Frame Relay Trunk Links.
  11. The Frame Relay Picture - Ten T1 access links, One T1 Trunk link. Traffic/Service Engineered.
  12. Where's the Beef - Access Speed, CIR, CIR=0, Burst Rates.

Asynchronous Transfer Mode

  1. Speed? T1? T3? OC3?
  2. Cell Relay - Fixed cell size; PVC's.
  3. Industrial divisions.
  4. Fast Packet Switching.
  5. The first word in ATM.
  6. Voice over data communications.
  7. Multi-protocol, multi-interface products.
  8. Standards.
  9. Encapsulation; IP over FR, IP over ATM, FR over IP, etc.
Side note - xDSL, DSUs, SHMs, fibre.


  1. Telephone Service.
  2. X.25 Service.
  3. IP Service.
  4. Internet Service?
  5. Transmission Service for Switch Service.
  6. Pipe Service for IP Service.
  7. Leased Service for Router Service.
  8. Telephone Service for Internet "Service".
Final Note.
It is not IStillDontNo.
It is what we build out of it.
Internet is built on IP.
What can be built on ATM/FR?