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The Cost of Username/Password Access in Trinidad & Tobago

The graph illustrates the effective per minute dial-up internet access rates for TSTT's 20, 50, 100 and unlimited hours packages. TSTT's Service Provision Method follows the Conventional ISP system utilising Username and Password for Customer Access, however,
whereas ISP's require such a system to to permit TSTT's Customers to gain Access to their Points-of-Presence, TSTT as well as other phone companies have no such restriction.

TSTT's rates illustrate the viability of a tolled access service at less than 2 cents (TT) per minute with immediate access to revenues from all existing Subscriber Lines, Billable via Standard Processes already in place.

The dashed red line illustrates the way in which the 3 limited-access packages that the Company has been able to conceive have a natural trend towards the final unlimited access package. This is highly suggestive of the trend that the rates are already taking and point to the feasibility of a widely available public access service.

Although trends in larger markets can move on the macro scale to provision flat rate data services, TSTT's Network, aside from the scale of Service Provisioning, also lacks a successfull Data Network Infrastructure at present. The 'Internet' formula of itself alone represents an alternative for such network.

The Company is uniquely positioned to offer a new Service on its available network and Service Processes.