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So what's the big deal... Why do people read Fantasy...

I think that the fantasy theme is a beauty for the artist's portrayal of character. The author dispenses with the distractions of the real world so the reader can focus attention on the characters depicted without being misled or sidetracked by biases or differing interpretations of the real world.
One of the core themes in popular Fantasy tales is the way people get along and do things together as a team.

Edy's Reviews

Adventure / Role Playing Games

How many times have you downloaded something and when you finally get it and try it - you just delete it and wonder why you bothered downloading it in the first place? Well my own batting average is about 10 to 1 at best I'd estimate. So here's my little contribution to people who might have similar interests.
I have an interest in RPGs with muliple characters, lots of levels, spells, items, attributes and well - lots of complexity. Don't care much for the trend nowadays for 3D simulation arcade type things. I'm more into strategy. Err.. and we are talking about freeware and free shareware here.

Aethra Chronicles by Michael Lawrence
Edy's Review Best I've seen so far - (I bought this one.) DOS. Excellent Graphic quality. Though DOS, everything is point and click. Lots of skills (about 20). About 6 classes of spells. About 6 classes of characters. Shareware does not expire - you just can't complete the quest. Well worth the download if you revel in spending weeks of contemplative searching and developing multiple characters till they're tuffer than nails. Read SharewareJunkies! Review

Name Exile Escape from the pit.
Get it from SpiderWeb
Edy's Review Now HERE's an icebreaker from the chains of DOS. WINDOWS PROGRAM!! Yippie!! Lots of skills. Not much variety in terms of races and classes in the version 1. No timeout in version 1. Graphics ain't too great but overall pretty good effort I suppose. (Come to think of it, many of the monster chars were pretty well done whereas the icons for the 'playing characters' were ... a rush job?) It's worth downloading. Version 2 though was not worth downloading.
971001 Exile 3 is out and it's a major improvement. (I have a feeling I'm going to end up buying.)

Junk not worth the trouble downloading 1meg DOS. Single player character. 1meg
Dungeons of Grimlor 2 Arcade game.
Excelsior Phase One Version 2: Lysandia - Single character game 1994. DOS.

Yendorian Tales.
hmmmmmmmmmm. Shareware version doesn't let your characters advance above Level 3 (THREE!!!) in experience level. Otherwise would be worth downloading.

Windows galore! Up to 4 characters at a time, but not much emphasis on graphics. Highly complex.
Why waste your time paying for computer literacy courses for your employees? If you want your employees to be windows literate, download this and challenge them to reach level 10!


I came across a copy of Greyhawk Series, Master Wolf sometime in 95 or 96 by Rose Estes and recently re-read it (cause I had nothing else to read.) Well actually, though the cover art and much of the wording leaves the feeling of a Soap Opera, err well it's ,, good? Actually quite welllll, I'd probably pick up others in the series if I come across any.

Forgotten Realms - Avatar Trilogy by Richard Awlinson.

Certainly had my interest. Read through all three books in a few days. This was the series I chose to buy in Dec 96 when I was in a reading mood. I chose it because the bookstore in Long Circular Mall happened to have the complete set, and by a comparison of the cover art on the alternatives. Actually, as I remember it, I bought Shadowdale and Canticle (Book 1 of the Cleric Quintet) then I read the first chapter of each and chose to read Shadowdale. When I did get around to the Cleric Quintet though, it soon got me under grip.

(Forgotten Realms) - The Cleric Quintet by R. A. Salvatori.
I read books 1, 3 and 4, and enjoyed then very much. Where can I get ahold of books 2 and 5?

I read Larry & Robert Elmore's book Runes of Autumn. Goodo! Course twas too short. The cover art was excellent quality. (Well wadaya expek from Larry!).

In comparison, Tribe of One, by Simon Hawke, though it was of interest once I started reading it, I gave up in boredom after the first quarter or so of the first book. I'll probably get back to it when I run out of books. (Not to mention I didn't care for the cover art!).

Meanwhile, I read Forgotten Realms - The Finder's Trilogy - Book 3 - Song of the Saurials, and I'm definitely interested in getting the first two books - err - I mean -reading- the first two books.

To Green Angel Tower.
Heavy duty! Sorry I haven't been able to get hold of the previous parts of this amazingly complex and long saga. Reading this last in the series was very tough at first having not read the previous stories.

The Black Vessel by Peter Morris.
Very good. Excellent cover art!!! The cover art is actually a scene described in detail within the book, and you feel it all the more when you are reading. No sign of a series though.


Shannara - Terry Brooks Excellent series of 8 books.
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